What's wrong with people? If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's how stupid people are. Or self-entitled.

Either way, it's madness.

Yesterday, on our first day in a state of emergency alert level 4 lockdown where the message of stay at home could not be any clearer, people were doing the following things: Kayaking, swimming, jetskiing, boating, having their kids play on playgrounds and at skate parks.


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Women were out walking in large groups pushing up to five prams together, kids on scooters, lots of people out biking in pelotons, large groups walking.

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On my solitary dog walk yesterday around my neighbourhood, there were three teenagers parked on deck chairs at the end of their driveways, spaced apart yes, but still together chatting, hanging outside their homes.

Focus: PM Jacinda Ardern is asked about the Mad Butcher and other businesses being open during lockdown. Video / Mark Mitchell

A Crackerjack bargain store in Hamilton opened for business – again not essential. Some takeaway shops opened.

Of the 320 New Zealanders coming into the airport arriving home, half of them - 160 people - had no self-isolation plans. They either didn't know we were in lockdown, or didn't realise they had to self-isolate.

Police claim they stopped people yesterday in the streets who didn't even know we were in a lockdown.

Where do you even begin?


The problem is, it's those who don't tune into news, don't read newspapers, don't care.

They're either the self-entitled; feel they're above the law; think this is a joke; young people who believe they're invincible; or older people who flatly refuse to obey the rules. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website

I said yesterday I thought the softly softly approach wouldn't work and police should go hard out on day one to hammer this message home. But they are using their discretion, and I'm not sure how much leniency we want to be showing people who have flagrant disregard for others people's lives.

Kate Hawkesby. Photo / Michael Craig
Kate Hawkesby. Photo / Michael Craig

To the dickheads who keep heading out, thinking this is holiday time: It's not about you. It's about the health workers, the immune-compromised, the business owners, the people who're going to lose their jobs - or worse - their lives.

Put away your bloody kayak, and grow up. You're being asked to do one thing – stay home, why is that so hard?