Bernadine Oliver-Kerby says Donald Trump evokes in her the same feeling she gets when she uses a public restroom and the seat is already warm

I cannot stand Donald Trump.

I'm talking personality, not so much politics. I can take or leave some of his policy, but I cannot stomach the man.

And I just can't ignore the chance to take aim at a walking "free-shot"at the affluent target who talks effluent. (In fact, he evokes the same feeling I get when I use a public restroom and the toilet seat is already warm. It kind of grosses me out.)


Trump enters the White House as one of the most disliked presidents in history. A CNN poll this week gave him just a 40 per cent approval rating. His Twitter response was predictable. Like the election polls, it was "rigged". More. Fake. News.

He commands a CNN-style audience in numbers, with Twitter followers topping 20 million. The beauty of the written word (or often in his case, insult) of course is that at least followers don't actually have to listen to the words as they physically drip from the bilge pump.

I don't even hear the words anymore. I feel like I'm listening to a child who has no clue of the answer, but having been put on the spot, has a crack at cobbling together some semblance of a reply and hoping one parent will buy it.

He embarrasses me.

Trump's reply, when asked who he'd be speaking to on foreign policy, was: "Number one, I'm speaking with myself, because I have a very good brain and I've said a lot of things."

Genius. America really does have talent.

He's mean. He's had 234 outbursts on Twitter using the word loser, 222 with the words dumb or dummy, 660 featuring the adjectives terrible, stupid, weak or dopey.

He's lacks restraint.

"If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her". She must be so proud. And speaking of the family, what a bonus -- vote for one Trump and you get the entire set. Team Trump: A game the whole family can play!

He lies.

"I didn't mock that disabled reporter."

Yes, you did.

Regardless of your politics, Donald Trump lacks the quiet dignity and grace that Barack Obama brought to office, the poise and calm you'd hope for in a president.

But then, America wanted change. A glance at the Facebook page "I Regret Voting for Donald Trump" is perhaps a lesson in the old saying "be careful what you wish for".

He's no leader. He's a campaigner. America voted for a demagogue, and once they cut through the noise, history will really start to judge him.

Donald J Trump, US President by default.

My hope for America, a country I adore, is that when you get to the White House, Mr Trump, you remember that office is more important than occupant.