Halloween's a scary time, even scarier if you are in the United States where they take it seriously and it's downright frightening to be here when Donald Trump's running to become the President of this country that surely can't be taken seriously.

It's frightening because the sellout monster mask for tonight's activities are Trump masks complete with the hideous hairdo.   It's not that everyone wants to be like him, they just want to scare those who answer their door to trick and treaters.

Clinton campers are saying he certainly pulled a trick by making it on to the Republican ticket but there will be few treats in store if he gets to carry Melania across the White House threshold.

But this Halloween's become a horror house for Hillary Clinton as well. The FBI are again looking at the classified emails she sent on her private server when she was Secretary of State and if politics is about perception,  then she's once again on the backfoot.


Trump's octopus arms are largely forgotten as the news is dominated by Hillary exposing the nations secrets when she was the country's top diplomat.

Arriving in The States over the weekend it was genuinely hard to find a Clinton supporter. The only one was a taxi driver from the airport who said he'll be voting for her because Bill Clinton was the best President this country's even had!

All the others were in the Trump camp. They say he tells it like it is, they're sick of the political establishment.   The country's in a mess and with his business background he's the only one who'll be able to clean to up.

A fellow passenger on the plane from Houston to New York, a woman in her late 50s who said she was a personal trainer, said Trump's a no brainer and she wasn't talking about his intellect.

On the claims by women that he's a groper she says that was a long time ago, people grow up and said he's now a solid pair of hands.

All the way to the USA with our national carrier Air New Zealand, this is BS in New York.