Be honest.

Are you kind of over it?

Are you delighted? Are you thrilled?

Are you scared what might happen if Donald Trump wins?


Can you imagine the first few kilometres of the new wall? A deportation force?

Do you imagine him angry and alone late at night, examining the nuclear codes?

Are you just as scared about what might happen if Donald Trump doesn't win? Do you picture an incensed Trumpian militia, armed not with pitchforks and torches but AR-15s?

Are you realistic that for her comparatively moderate rhetoric, Hillary Clinton has a hawkish history and enthusiasm for dabbling in foreign conflicts?

Do you agree with Trump that she's hypocritical for accepting six-figure cheques from US banks while constantly slagging them off for the 08 crash?

Do you find her relationships with Saudi Arabian leadership and simultaneous gender equality message to be disingenuous and two-faced? Do you find her to be calculating and considered? Is that not what you want in a president?

Did you laugh when Trump said that no one has more respect for women than he does?

Do you believe Melania when she said on CNN that he'd apologised to her for his behaviour? Or did you believe Donald in the debate when he said that he hadn't?

Are you bemused by Trump's dislike of China's economic influence and simultaneous criticism of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal essentially designed to reduce Chinese economic influence?

Are you sick of celebrity endorsements? Do you really think there's any voter in America who hasn't made up their mind? If Trump loses, do you think the Republican Party will implode, or will the GOP drop him and most his supporters like a sack of manky spuds?

In six months, will he have a TV network or the White House?

Honestly, what would he prefer?

Perhaps, above all, are you irritated that climate change policy ranks so poorly in wider American priorities, that in four-and-a-half hours of live debates the subject didn't warrant a single question?

Yeah, me too.