As the Presidential campaign exposes bitter divides in American society, a reminder the land of the free isn't always so bad.

1 Diversity

Be it landscapes, culture, or religious and political beliefs, America is the richest casserole on Earth. An American can visit the Arctic Circle, lie on a Hawaiian beach, hike in a desert canyon and shop on Fifth Avenue without needing to whip out a passport. Immigrants come from everywhere. Every mainstream religion and all manner of loopy off-Broadways can be found. And both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump could potentially succeed Barack Obama.

2 The Flag



3 The Give-Way-and-turn-right rule at red traffic lights

How has this not caught on everywhere else? If John Key is in need of a new legacy project, this wouldn't require a binding referendum.

4 Brunch

Sure, it starts mid-afternoon and what the menu calls "entrees" are really mains. And if we're being nit-picky, nobody really needs eight mimosas. But what better way to combine the best meal of the day with a night dancing with your friends?

5 The road trip

Route 66, Easy Rider, Thelma and Louise et al. Wide expanses and boundary-less frontiers and a Cinnabon every 10 miles.

6 Optimism

Americans have plenty of reasons to see the American Dream for what it really is: a marketing sham. But most continue to believe that with hard work and application, potential is without restriction.

7 Marriage equality

How's that coming along, Australia?

8 Dried cranberries in salad

Cos what I really want from my kale is for it to taste more like dessert.

9 Professional sport

TV coverage is outstanding and the atmosphere at any big event would humble any Crusaders-Blues clash. Where else on Earth would a university-level sports game bring in more than 100,000 paying fans?

10 Beyonce

'Nuff said.

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