Like Mark Twain's, news of Campbell Live's death has been exaggerated over the years, but this time it seems true. Mediaworks has announced a review of Campbell Live in the face of declining ratings - and surely "review" is management euphemism for "execution".

The extraordinary thing is that the programme has survived so long at TV3. The privately owned channel has shareholders to answer to, and television is an expensive business. If a programme isn't earning its keep, it's gone.

In the all-important ratings war, Campbell Live has been fighting a losing battle against Shortland Street and the revamped Seven Sharp.

And, of course, television stations aren't just competing with one another. People consume their media in all sorts of ways now - the internet, radio and print, as well as television.


A report from New Zealand on Air a couple of weeks ago found that more children get their entertainment from YouTube videos than they do from the traditional kids' TV channel, TV2.

So it's tough for networks. But surely there is still a place for a crusading, passionate journalist with a loyal and talented team?

It would be a barren media landscape without John Campbell and Campbell Live and if Mediaworks doesn't appreciate the team, I sincerely hope another broadcaster does.

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