Anarchic parking in Glendowie.

Cracker idea for Christmas

A couple in Cornwall have opened an inspirational retail business just in time for Christmas. The Giving Shop in Penzance is where the public bring in donated items as gifts for others. The hope is for the shelves to quickly fill with donated foods, toiletries and gifts. There is also an empty till that can be filled with money and an option for people to donate their winter fuel payments. All of the items handed over will be used to support vulnerable people living in their community.

All in the perspective


(I'm gay. My boyfriend has come in to pick me up after work, watched by a mother with her daughter)

My boyfriend: "Hey baby, ready to go?" Mother: "How dare you flaunt that in front of my child! Who do you think you are? How dare you!" Her daughter: "But mummy! They're in love!" (Source: Not always

Shining example of bureaucracy

A Facebook friend has a moment of civic nostalgia: "I walked past the Civic the other day and saw [again] the four pieces of coloured glass inlaid into the footpath that light up at night. I was reminded they cost ratepayers $250,000 ... $12,000 for the artist who designed it, and the rest on council building consents, construction, and a PR bash to let the media know the council was 'making Auckland a more liveable city'."

Forget about the loop, what about the airport?

Tony is getting sick of all this talk about trains and the benefits to all of Auckland when one-third of the population can't use them. "I am certain that Len will be happy to collect the rates from the North Shore even though they are not included in this folly [city loop]. The one link that would be of benefit to all the city would be a rail link to the airport."

Freedom of activity just what the Anzacs fought for

Dan responds to the reader who complained about the Jazzercise/boot camp/posers doing their Rocky impersonations at The Cenotaph in Auckland ... "I can't think of a better way of celebrating the freedom and democracy those Anzacs fought for than by a bit of voluntary physical activity in a public place. Lighten up. Celebration of the values the Anzacs held dear is not all about one parade once a year. It's about the everyday activities and public spaces we all take for granted."

Hunt on after theft of grandad's painting

A reader is upset that this picture was pinched from Makotuku, near Dannevirke. "It was one of those wonderful old op shop prints customised by Melbourne graphic artist Stafford Wilson who cleverly painted a ghost ship on to it. It's about 6ft wide and 4ft high (1.8m by 1.2m) with a heavy gloss black frame. It was hanging at my late granddad's cottage in Makotuku. It was painted for us because Pop was in the navy in World War II and loved boats. He's dead now but hopefully he'll hunt the thieves down. Ghost ship and ghost granddad!" Any information please contact Sideswipe.

Picture this: The smiling chair...

Before Bond: Daniel Craig with long hair...

Social media: A magnificent Twitter burn by TV personality and journalist Anderson Cooper...

Video: Mike Nayna witnessed a racist tirade on a Melbourne bus after a woman started singing in French. He made this video of what he saw. (NSFW language)

Read more about the incident here.

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