Naomi Watts as Princess Di. See more here.

Local: Thanks to Google Maps we can show you the houses featuring in TV3s new renovation show The Block before the art department went to town with a sledge hammer...
Handy: When was the last time you picked up a pen and indulged in the quaint art of handwriting? Too busy banging out your personal comms on keyboards and smartphones. Epistly is an online service which will handwrite you a note or those occasions that require a certain personal touch.

Amusing: No Friends parodies the opening sequence of the television sitcom Friends. (by Irish writer Diarmuid O'Brien)

Feminism fail #1: Doesn't this 'Plan of Work for a Small Servantless House' from the Housewife's Weekly Duties Good Housekeeping circa 1950, sound all too familiar?


Feminism fail #2: The European Commission's campaign designed to attract more women to a career in science is a misguided romp which deserves to be mercilessly mocked.
Picture this: A leather throw pillow made of shoes. Uber-weird!

No Fear: A world record breaking 135 people swing-jumping off a bridge in Russia.
Video: We never see good footage from security cameras. Only bad things - like violence, thieving and public urination. But thanks to a team of highly paid creative minds working for the Coke Cartel, here are some allegedly genuine moments of goodness from security cameras.