Weight loss as art

Chinese artist Wang Jun is going to be spending a month at a hotel in Beijing. Not as a guest in one of the luxury rooms, but displayed standing in the foyer on a big set of scales. He won't be allowed to leave the scale to eat or drink or go to the toilet for the art project "Keep Fit Deal - 15". A live video stream will be tracking his every move, broadcasting it online. Wang Jun says he's about 7.5kg overweight and he'd like to shed all that in public. Passersby will be able to see the reading of the scale's electronic display and how much he's lost (or gained). He says he wants to experience the physical and psychological limits of doing something private in a public space.

ACC bitten

ACC efficiency: "Recently received a letter from ACC for our 3-year-old daughter telling us that her claim had been accepted and so on," writes a reader. "We couldn't recall an accident or injury and double-checked the date given, then phoned ACC and after confirming who we were, we were informed that it was a doctor's visit for insect bites!"


Adhesive blues

A teacher writes: "Is it just me or has Blu-Tack lost its stickiness? I go through wads of the stuff trying to hang kids' art that consistently slides down to the floor again!"

Easter treats laced with poison

A German senior citizen fed up with children pilfering his Easter decorations has been accused of poisoning a 10-year-old boy with a spiked chocolate bunny. Each year 68-year-old Joerg-Werner Lubbe decks out his yard with tasty Easter treats. And every time, the decorations prove irresistible to children in the neighbourhood. Determined that this year would be different, he allegedly laced a batch of chocolate bunnies with ammonium hydroxide and hung them from a tree in his front yard. A 10-year-old fell for the trap and gobbled down a baited bunny. He was violently ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. Police said they were investigating Lubbe for grievous bodily harm and said they found six more poisoned bunnies in the yard.