Writer will consider anything

A Howick freelance writer signed up for a jobsite email alert for writing and PR work. She's already been notified about jobs as a surgical nurse, a mechanic and even a swimming tutor. All problematic for a woman who says she "hates blood, cannot change a tyre and doesn't swim".

Isn't it ironic?

"How's this for irony," says Roger. "A year or so ago I was knocked off my bike on the corner of Momona Rd and Great South Rd in Greenlane by a right-turning hit-and-run driver. I ended up with two broken ribs and a cracked pelvis. Witnesses were on hand, but I was in no fit state to be gathering names and addresses. The ambulance took me to casualty and about five hours later the police turned up. Not a lot to be done after that amount of time had passed. But the real irony is that while they could not attend a serious injury accident, they were happy to have somebody clicking away collecting dosh in exactly the same area."


Count the insurance cost

A final few last words on getting pinged for going 5km over from Richard: "Why do drivers justifying driving over the limit only count fatalities? Do serious, long-term, life-changing, money-draining, work-affecting, insurance-premium-increasing accidents not count?"

Take another look at car A

Yesterday a reader asked: "Would you rather have car A doing 60km/h or car B doing 65km/h avoid you as you cross the road? Under reasonable conditions, car A will require 39m of road to come to a stop, car B 44m. Car B will still be travelling at 30km/h when car A has stopped. Getting hit by a car at 30km/h hurts, a lot." Exasperated, Godfry writes: "So car B at 65km/h will still be doing 30 when slow car A has already stopped? Self-righteous quasi-science claptrap. Car B went by before you stupidly stepped off the kerb without looking, straight into the path of A which hit you while carefully squinting at the speedo!"

Heard Jenkins on piano, anyone?

David Jenkins is trying to track down any recordings or documents relating to his father, Keith Jenkins. "He had a radio programme on Radio 1YD called Keith Jenkins at the Piano. It was on air in the late 1950s." If anyone can help, please email Sideswipe.