Why is the Crown not appealing the name suppression of the "prominent Manawatu businessman" who was sentenced this week for downloading and sharing pornographic images - many of them images of young girls?

What is it about this man that makes him so special? Judge Grant Fraser granted permanent name suppression to protect the man's family, his mental state, his wife's job and his ability to rehabilitate.

So what? Every crim has to put up with the fact that his or her family is shamed by their wrongdoing. What makes this man different?

Judge Fraser also granted suppression on the grounds the images weren't of New Zealand children - like vulnerable, exploited children overseas don't matter, Judge Fraser?

The reason the international porn industry exists is because of men like this businessman.

And the only way to make a dent in this billion-dollar business is to name and shame the end users in the hope that others will realise their sick cheap thrill can cost them dearly.