Christchurch police say they have had calls from several people who would like to claim a bag full of bondage equipment found in a school playground over the weekend, but have yet to hear from the genuine owner.

The bag, which included two leather cat o' nine tails, a leather paddle, four mouse traps, rubber gloves and sex toys amongst its contents, was found in the Papanui School playground.

"We've had a couple of offers for the bag," Senior Constable Graham Morgan, of Papanui police, told NZPA today.

"There were some items in the bag that weren't disclosed which will help identify the real owner, as opposed to people who might think they would like to be the owner."

Mr Morgan said he had received some calls overnight to follow up, and staff at a neighbouring police station thought they knew who the bag might belong to.

"Hopefully we'll get it sorted out by the end of the week, otherwise everything will be chucked out," Mr Morgan said.