A former Levin man was today sentenced to four months in jail on internet child pornography charges when he appeared in Wellington District Court.

Judge Bruce Davidson sentenced Daniel Jess Moore, 26, inmate, on seven charges of trading child pornography and 24 of possession.

Moore pleaded guilty in August when the court was told an Internal Affairs officer had found a New Zealander trading in porn on the internet under the name Yeah-Yea.

He found Moore had set up a "two for one" deal where anyone interested could trade one of their pictures for two of his.

The officer was able to download pictures that showed girls aged six to 12 doing sexually explicit acts.

When his computer was searched pictures of bestiality and rape were also found.

Moore had argued he only traded child pornography to get access to adult pornography that he intended to use in a website he was going to build.

Judge Davidson said today that courts had recently been imposing prison sentences for such offending and Moore's sentence was a continuation of that trend.

He also ordered forfeiture and destruction of the objectionable material.

Moore is a current prison inmate. His child pornography offending occurred before he was imprisoned for burglary.

He was living in Levin at the time and later moved to Wellington.

Moore is the 121st person to be sentenced on child pornography charges since the Internal Affairs Department established a censorship compliance unit in 1997.

Internal Affairs gaming and censorship regulation group manager, Peter Burke, said Moore was the fourth man to be sentenced in a month.

Another three had pleaded guilty and were awaiting sentence and more than 20 other child pornography cases were before the courts.

"If New Zealanders choose to continue trading child pornography then we will eventually catch them," Mr Burke said in a statement.