The Accident Compensation Corporation has beefed up security and employed a former detective as security manager in response to the murder of one of its frontline workers.

"We are reacting to a minority of clients to ensure the safety of our staff," new national security manager Quentin Doig said.

ACC worker Janet Pike was stabbed to death last year in her Henderson office by a claimant, Johnny Manu. Manu is serving a life sentence for the offence.

Mr Doig, former head of the Wellington CIB, said work had started on improving safety at branch offices before Mrs Pike's death. However, his appointment was a new role.


He would not say how much was being spent on safety improvements. Security was being tightened so workers were no longer easily accessible to the public.

As well, some staff had personal alarms, police had developed a new training system specifically for ACC, closed-circuit television was being used and secure reception areas were being introduced nationwide.

"Sadly, we still have staff being threatened. We live in a very aggressive society," Mr Doig said.

Workers were being taught not to put up with abuse and how to handle aggressive claimants. All incidents were reported to Mr Doig.

"We make it quite clear to staff they don't come to work to be abused. They tell claimants they will not stand for that abuse. They are reporting to me that claimants are reacting positively."