Judith Collins has revealed that one super fan's decision to get a tattoo of her likeness might just get her to follow suit - but says she'll wait until after the election to get inked.

The National party leader made the comments on ZM's Fletch, Vaughn & Megan show this morning, where she joined National supporter Nik Given to discuss his new tattoo.

Joking that he only had time to stencil Collins' predecessors before they were rolled, Given was asked by Fletch and Vaughn why he had chosen Collins.

"Why not?" he replied.


The tattoo was created by Morrinsville tattooist Dave Mouat, of Famous Dave's Tattoo Studio based in Morrinsville.

Based on a photo of Collins holding a pistol, it depicts her as a blinged-out Bond girl.

The Crusher herself joined the phone call to reveal that she "couldn't take the smile off [her] face" after she saw the tattoo.

"I thought it was so cool, and now I'm thinking I might need to get some ink myself after the election".

"You only live once, life is short, have some fun," she added.

Judith Collins as you've never seen her before. Photo / Dave Mouat
Judith Collins as you've never seen her before. Photo / Dave Mouat

When asked if she would return the favour by getting a tattoo of Given, she demurred and noted that her husband "may be a bit funny on that".

But Collins did say that she had her eye on husband David Wong-Tung, revealing that she would have a conversation with him on why he hadn't tattooed her face on himself yet.

Given told the Herald yesterday that he and wife Mel were strong supporters of the National Party.


Given said the idea for the tattoo on his leg started last week while his wife was getting a tattoo at the studio.

"She wanted to get Simon Bridges but I wouldn't let her," he laughed.

"She just got a small moon instead."

It was also inspired by a tattoo of director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield that Mouat had tattooed on a woman whose highlight during Covid-19 lockdown had become Bloomfield's daily 1pm situation updates.

The couple, owners of Given Fabrication Services, did not side with the current Labour Government's regime and so it was a show of support for a change of leadership.

Nik and Mel Given. Photo / Supplied
Nik and Mel Given. Photo / Supplied

"It's a stand against what is happening. I've seen so many struggles ... small businesses have had such a rough deal since March.


"Enough of the touchy-feely be kind strategy," he said.

Given's Collins thigh tattoo joins many others - including portraits of composers Mozart and Beethoven. There is also the odd skull in the mix.

Put to him that there had been a number of different National leaders the past few months - and would he have therefore considered getting them tattooed, he said Bridges would have been a possibility.

"Definitely not" Todd Muller, he said.

There may, however, still be another politician up to be tattooed, possibly on his other thigh - ACT Party leader David Seymour.

"He's just a bit different and he's out there and says what he says and does his weird dancing," Given said.


"We just need a bit of guts and balls now."