A Napier woman whose late husband's bike was allegedly stolen says she shed tears of joy after a rare tip-off led police straight to it.

Leanne Gunson lost her husband Bruce, a keen cyclist, to cancer in November 2019.

Gunson's son Connor, 16, inherited his stepfather's Merida Torpedo bicycle, and frequently rode it to school until it disappeared from a bike stand at Tamatea High School in Napier last Monday.

Gunson said the sentimental value of bike was paramount to her family, because her late husband "loved his bike until he was unable to ride any more".


But after a student at Tamatea High School came forward with new information, the bike was recovered from a property in Tamatea.

"When I saw the police wheeling the bike down the drive, I ran out crying and hugged the officer," Gunson said.

"We can be a happy family again now."

Police said the bike was returned to the family after officers received information it was at a Napier address.

One person had been summonsed to appear in court on October 7 over the theft, according to a police spokeswoman.

Leanne Gunson with her son Connor and her deceased husband Bruce. Photo / Supplied
Leanne Gunson with her son Connor and her deceased husband Bruce. Photo / Supplied

Gunson said Bruce had treated Connor as his own son.

"Connor was ecstatic," she said. "Only issue was the seat was broken and the $60 lights are gone."

Gunson, who was offering a $100 reward for the return of the bike, happily handed over the reward to the student who gave the tip-off.


"The police in Napier have been absolutely wonderful with all their help getting Bruce's bike back for us, and those in the community who have helped also," Gunson said.

"They told me getting bikes back hardly ever happens."