While many politicians are careful not to favour employers or workers, the Green candidate for Tukituki isn't afraid to make a choice.

"Workers are more important than employers," Chris Perley said.

In this Local Focus video, Perley explains his viewpoint, saying people spending money is what drives a strong economy.

"If you have a situation where you have a whole heap of serfs and one feudal lord, you have an absolutely stuffed economy, and that's what we've been heading towards." he said.


National Party candidate and current MP Lawrence Yule took a more conservative view.

"They're both important. They have different roles," he said, adding that workers needed to be looked after, with a level of income sufficient to support their families.

Employers were also important "because they are generally taking the risk".

Labour Party candidate Anna Lorck said it was a partnership, with strong companies valuing their staff.

Also standing in the Tukituki electorate:
• Jan Daffern for ACT
• Chris Grey for the Outdoors Party
• Nick McMinn-Collard for New Conservatives
• Melanie Petrowski for ONE
• Romana Manning for the Legalise Cannabis party

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