David Letele, known as the Brown Buttabean, says a person who is now a positive Covid-19 case attended a fitness training class in West Auckland, not Kingsland.

Director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield today announced a positive case had attended a Buttabean Motivation class on August 10.

However, in a Facebook Live video posted soon after the announcement, Letele said the case attended a class in West Auckland.

"One of the new cases was from Buttabean Motivation and it wasn't from Kingsland, it was from one of our West Auckland classes," he said.


"I want to let everyone know there's no need to be alarmed. We've followed protocols and procedures down to the tee."

Bloomfield said they attended a class between 5.15am and 6am last Monday, August 10.

David Letele says the case visited a small class in West Auckland last week. Photo / Brett Phibbs
David Letele says the case visited a small class in West Auckland last week. Photo / Brett Phibbs

Elsewhere, another confirmed case attended the Eden Junior Rugby Club at Gribblehirst Park, Sandringham, last Tuesday between 5.30pm and 6.30pm.

Eden Rugby chairman Phil Cullen said they were working closely with Auckland Rugby and the Auckland Regional Public Health Service following the news.

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"Eden Rugby is proud of the strength and support of our community and take health very seriously," Cullen told the Herald in a text message.

"ARPHS has deemed there to be a 'low risk of exposure' and we have informed our members that if they start exhibiting any symptoms to call Healthline."

Another confirmed case attended a guinea pig show hosted by the Auckland Cavy Club on August 8.

Two people considered to be close contacts of the person have been tested and returned negative results, the club said in a Facebook post.


"We have been advised anyone else who attended this event is classed as a casual contact and you do not need to be tested unless you are showing symptoms or feeling unwell," the club committee said.

"If you are feeling unwell, are showing symptoms or have any concerns, please contact Heathline on 0800 358 5453."

Meanwhile, between 1pm and 2pm last Tuesday, August 11, another confirmed case visited the Botany Mall.

It comes as Bloomfield announced there were nine new confirmed cases of Covid-19 today, all of whom are from the Auckland cluster.

Seven are linked to the cluster and four are still under investigation, including two of the new cases announced today.

Before people can attend a Buttabean Motivation class, they need to register, book in and then check in on software used by the club, Letele said.


"We were able to go back and contact every single person, it wasn't one of our big classes," he said.

"We were able to contact everyone straight away. Everyone has been contacted, everyone is fine, everyone's okay and been and got tested.

"There's no need to stress, everyone's okay, everyone's fine and getting on with it."