Harete Hipango is MP for Whanganui electorate and in her first term in Parliament has risen swiftly through the National Party's ranks to become number 21 on the list.

Hipango says in this Local Focus video she is simply carrying on doing what her forebears did.

"I'm going to hark back to my great-great-grandfather Hoani Wiremu Hipango who was the chief of Whanganui," she said. "He defended the citizens in the town of Whanganui from a raid further upriver, he was mortally wounded at the island of Moutoa, Moutoa Gardens is a commemorative place and space for those people who fought in the defence of the citizens and citizenship of this town."

Hipango continues the whānau leadership role, though her life is less at risk.


"Importantly I'm a mum, I'm a daughter and a granddaughter, I'm a cousin and sister, I'm an aunty, I'm a member of the Whanganui community.

"I happen to be a person who has been elected by the people but I am also a people person."

Hipango also endures some random quickfire questions including asking her preference for zombies or vampires which she takes personally. Hipango reveals that she'd rather be a vampire because they're "not to be messed around with".

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