Elon Musk's lights have been spotted in the skies over New Zealand again.

The SpaceX founder's latest batch of Starlink satellites - 57 bundled together - were released by SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket yesterday.

On Saturday night they were visible to the naked eye over New Zealand.

Twitter user @turk_mason was among those to spot the satellites, which resemble a string of lights, tweeting about it just after 7.45pm.


"Just managed to catch #Starlink #SpaceX satellites passing over #waikato #hamiton #nasa #Astrophotography."

Space enthusiasts who missed out needn't be too upset though, the next chance to see the satellites is just a day away.

According to the Find Starlink website there will be another chance on Monday.

"6:45 pm, 10 Aug 2020
Starlink-9,10, BRIGHT (2.6) for 6 mins
Look from SOUTHWEST to EAST (details)
Elevation (from horizon): start: 10°, max: 47°, end: 29°"

SpaceX has been regularly launching satellite collections as part of a plan to create a high-speed internet broadband network, which is estimated to be completed by 2027.

Friday's launch was the 10th batch of Starlink satellites so far. Bundled satellites have previously been spotted over New Zealand skies.

Musk earlier told Space.com the Starlink network would need around 400 satellites to provide a minor internet coverage around the world, while 800 would be needed for moderate internet coverage.

The space entrepreneur plans to launch more than 1000 satellites this year.

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