New Zealand has one new case of Covid-19 - a man in his 40s who traveled from Mexico.

It has now been 80 days since the last case of the virus was acquired locally from an unknown source, the Ministry of Health said in its daily statement this afternoon.

Today's case arrived in the country last Wednesday. He flew via Los Angeles.

He tested positive following day 3 surveillance testing and has been transferred, along with his family, to a quarantine facility in Auckland.


The number of active cases in New Zealand is now 26.

The total number of confirmed cases is now 1204, which is the number we report to the World Health Organization.

Meanwhile, one person was transferred from an Auckland quarantine facility to Middlemore Hospital yesterday evening for an unrelated health condition. This person is in a stable condition.

Members of staff treating the man were made aware that he had returned from overseas to a facility and appropriate protocols were followed, the Ministry said, including the use of PPE. No members of staff were considered close contacts.

The patient was cared for in a separate room in the emergency department before being transferred to a separate room on one of the hospital wards.

Middlemore Hospital has considerable recent experience of treating patients with Covid-19, the Ministry said.

"Members of the public can be assured that the hospital is safe for patients, visitors and staff."

Yesterday, New Zealand laboratories processed 681 tests. The vast majority of these, 673, were swabs taken from managed isolation facilities.


"The Ministry is aware that school holidays and lower rates than usual of influenza in the community may have an impact on testing," the statement said.

"It is also encouraging anyone offered a test to take it, as this is an important part of our overall strategy to detect any community cases of Covid-19 as quickly as possible."

The Ministry is working with GP representative groups to look at actions required to ensure an appropriate level of testing in the community.

The seven-day rolling daily average number of tests is 1932 and the total number of tests completed in New Zealand to date is 443,169.

Yesterday's three cases

Three new cases in managed isolation were revealed on Sunday, taking the country's total number of active cases in New Zealand to 25.

Two are in Waikato and the third in Christchurch.


One case was a man in his 30s who arrived in New Zealand on July 14 from Afghanistan flying via Doha.

Another was a man in his 30s who arrived in New Zealand on July 14 from Pakistan flying via Dubai.

The third case was a woman in her 70s who arrived in New Zealand on June 30 from India.

Paying for quarantine

On Sunday, National unveiled a new policy stating that anyone entering New Zealand from October 3 would be charged a $3000 fee per adult for their managed isolation if the party wins the election.

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The party's Covid-19 Border Response spokesman Gerry Brownlee said the fee would be used to "partially meet the costs of their quarantine".

Additional adults in a room would be charged an additional $1000. Children under 3 would have no cost and over 3s would incur an additional $500.


"Currently taxpayers are funding a long and very expensive government response to let people come into the country. It's entirely fair that those who benefit pay a share," Brownlee said.

"This fee is for the purpose of cost recovery to reduce the burden on New Zealand taxpayers, and to cover some of the costs of accommodation and food over the 14 days of required quarantine for persons entering the country."