Today Labour's unveiled its rallying call "let's keep moving" in the lead-up to September's General Election. Steve Braunias imagines how it all came about:


Jacinda Ardern paced the room. "We need a slogan," she said.

"I agree," said one of her cabinet ministers, whose name no one could remember.


Grant Robertson folded his arms. "Any ideas, boss?'", he asked.

The Prime Minister said, "I like 'let's.' You know, 'let's yaddayadda.' The thing about 'let's' is that it's inclusive."

David Clark popped his head in the door. He said, "Can I be included?"

"No," said the Prime Minister.


"Okay, so where did we get to," said the Prime Minister.

Grant Robertson looked at his notes. "This is what we've got so far. 'Let's yaddayadda.' We just need that 'yaddayadda' and we're there."

"Yes," said the Prime Minister, "but let's what?"



"Okay, so where did we get to," said the Prime Minister.

One of her cabinet ministers, who couldn't remember their own name, held up a piece of paper, and said, "This is what we've got so far. 'Let's what'."


"Oh God," said the Prime Minister. She was walking along one of parliament's corridors with Grant Robertson, trying to come up with ideas for the slogan, when she saw Winston Peters walking towards them.

"Let's keep walking," said Robertson.


"Oh I love that!," she said. "It's not quite right. But it's close. 'Let's keep.' Let's keep something."

"Seriously," said Robertson, "let's keep walking. He's stopping to chat."


"Okay," said the Prime Minister. "This is what we've got so far. 'Let's keep.' We're nearly there. 'Let's keep'what? Suggestions, please!"

"Let's keep the faith."

"Too religious," she said.


"Let's keep things the way they are."

"Too conservative."

"Let's keep it a secret."

"Too insane."

"Let's keep in touch."

"Too meaningless," she said. "But this is good! We're getting somewhere. Come on, people! Let's keep moving."


"I've got it!", shouted Robertson. He pointed at the minister whose name no one could remember. "Is it Stuart Nash?"