Waikato police say they haven't ruled out "follow-up action" after 100-strong crowd of gang members attended a funeral in Matamata.

Waikato police acting area commander Inspector Andrew Mortimore also disputed earlier reports up to 300 people were at the Tuesday funeral, confirming to the Herald today it was more like 100.

"I wasn't told that there were 200 or 300 people, I was told there was maximum of 100 at one point."

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He appreciated the numbers still far exceeded level 3 rules of 10 maximum at funerals, which was why they were yet to rule out whether they would go ahead with any prosecution.

The Government has been under pressure to relax the number of mourners allowed at funerals and did an about-turn on allowing just 10 people in level 2.

Health Minister David Clark and director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield fronted media at a press conference late yesterday afternoon to say up to 50 people could attend funerals in level 2, as long as the funeral director submitted a plan showing they could mitigate the health risks of spreading Covid-19.

The new rules include physical distancing, hand hygiene and no food and drink congregations afterwards.

In Waikato, Mortimore said his dealings with representatives of "the group" had been extensive and positive in the lead-up to Tuesday's funeral.

"We knew the funeral was going ahead.

"So the staff in Matamata, particularly, had done an extensive amount of liaison with representatives from the group, council and funeral directors leading up to the event.


"There was an extensive amount of communication around the whole education, educate, communicate which is the approach that police are taking ... educating them about the requirements of level 3 and the maximum numbers.

"We had some, I won't say assurances, but dialogue which we believed was very positive about how it would go."

However, the people they dealt with were only representatives and "cannot necessarily influence everybody".

In addition to their liaison, there had been postings on social media about the funeral which might have drawn more attention to it.

"Particularly, from what I've been told, there was some social media communication in relation to it.

"But the feedback that we have received was that the group was about 100, and they were very respectful of the protocols, the funeral directors, the council and the cemetery and we managed the situation at the time with the staff available taking an appropriate approach, I believe."

However, although there was no trouble at the funeral it didn't mean police wouldn't be following them up, possibly for prosecution.

"It's not to say that we're not going to take follow-up action.

"That's something that is being considered at the moment. However, the police staff who were there took an appropriate approach under the circumstances."