A driver's Covid-19 level 3 trip to McDonald's has ended in disaster after the rental truck he was driving became stuck under the drive-thru roof.

At 9.45am this morning, the man driving a HireAce rental truck entered the Papakura McDonald's drive-thru in a bid to place an order.

But when going to drive through to pay, the top of his vehicle crashed into the overhanging roof, causing the truck to become wedged.

Witness Katrina Piggott told the Herald she was ordering in the lane next to the driver when she heard a loud bang.


"I was beside him on the other side of the drive-thru. I heard him place an order, then as he went to drive forward there was an almighty bang and he was just wedged in there," she said.

"So someone just took out one side of the drive thru at Papakura Maccas. Oops!" Photo / Supplied

"He tried to back up but realised he was stuck. Staff ran out and started photographing the scene. It was obvious this guy was never going to get his truck through there.

"The driver didn't exit the truck while I was there. He looked a bit shocked."

The vehicle has since been removed.

In a statement, McDonald's confirmed the incident caused damage to their drive-thru roof.

"A rental truck got stuck in one of the drive-thru lanes at the Papakura restaurant this morning.

"It has since been removed and both drive-thru lanes are open and operating.

"There has been some damage to the roof over the order area, which is being assessed.


"Our restaurants have clear signage noting the maximum height of vehicles that can use the drive-thru."