Just because you're in lockdown, it doesn't mean you can have a little dance with your neighbours, all within the safety of your own bubble.

That's what a neighbourhood in Hastings proved, by sharing a kanikani between neighbours across a whole street.

Keeping their safe distance, the neighbours danced together to the same song and joy was the only thing they spread.

The footage was shared on Twitter by Māori Television's current affairs show Te Ao with MOANA.


One of the followers on Twitter identified the street in Hastings where the kanikani was recorded.

"Essex Cres in Whakatu, Hastings. One of the best little hapori you'll find anywhere," the person posted.

Twitter users loved the display of unity from the families in lockdown.

"I want someone to lead one of these in my neighbourhood," one person replied.

New Zealand is approaching its fourth week in lockdown and, over the past few weeks, Kiwis have learnt to improvise different ways of staying in touch with family and friends.

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