Motorists are being warned to take extra care on the Auckland Harbour bridge due to gale-force winds.

The NZ Transport Agency issued the warning this afternoon, especially for people conducting essential travel in a high-side vehicle or on a motorcycle.

MetService forecaster Sonja Farmer said the gale-force winds were gusting at up to 78km/h on the bridge.

"It is going to impair anybody driving a high-sided vehicle and is going to be pretty dangerous," she said.


A strong south-west front crossing the country was the cause of the strong winds, which have been gusting at up to 96km/h at the Manukau Heads and 117km/h at Cape Turnagain on the Hawkes Bay Coast.

Farmer said other windy spots around New Zealand included Mt Kaukau in Wellington, Castlepoint on the Wairarapa coast, Cape Campbell in Marlborough and Cape Foulwind near Westport.