Kiwis can now see online what companies have received payments under the Government's Covid-19 wage subsidy scheme.

People can type in their employer, or any New Zealand company, into the Ministry of Social Development's search tool and see the total sum the scheme has forked out to a company.

The number of employees receiving payment from the scheme will also pop up.

Publishing the information ensures payments are transparent and the scheme is accountable to the public, the ministry website states.


If you see your employer is receiving the subsidy payments, but don't see the money in your bank account, take it up with your boss, the ministry says.

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You can see if you were included in your employer's application form and the ministry can confirm if you were listed as an affected employee.

But if you can't yet see your employer's name, that might be because it hasn't yet been processed or the company hasn't applied.

If you think your employer has deviously handled the payment or process, you can complain to Employment New Zealand. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website