From isolation to coughing fits to dancing, this is the coronavirus journey experienced by Kiwi woman Jenene Crossan.

New Zealand's 37th confirmed cases of the potentially deadly virus, Crossan documented her journey on Twitter, keeping her followers up to date.

In her latest video diary yesterday, the entrepreneur said the journey had been tough and the world would be "challenged" by the virus.

"The update for today is that it's going to be hard, like really hard for a while," Crossan said on day 15 of her journey.


"We're gonna be challenged in ways we didn't know we could be challenged and boy it's no fun.

"But I know there will be silver linings and I love all of your messages and I read them and my heart fills with love and joy".

There were 76 new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand as of Monday, Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said.

The total number of cases was 589, with 63 people recovering since they were diagnosed.

Yesterday afternoon it was announced New Zealand had its first Covid-19 related death, West Coast woman Anne Guenole.

Crossan flew from the UK to New Zealand on March 13 and immediately went into self-isolation in a remote bach, without seeing any of her family.

After starting to get sick, she contacted Healthline and was admitted to North Shore Hospital.

During her stay, Crossan said she was tired, had a bad cough and breathing was a "bit rough". She was also full of praise for hospital staff.


"Shoutout to all of the amazing nurses, doctors and support crew here at North Shore Hospital, they have been amazing," Crossan said on day nine, March 23.

"We need to make sure that they feel really loved and supported so can you all help me give them a massive, massive round of applause."

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Towards the start of her journey, on day five, March 19, Crossan told people not to believe everything they heard about staying immune.

She urged people to stay clean, wash their hands, to maintain social distancing, and to stay home where possible. "I think that's the best bet".

Crossan founded the online hair and beauty booking website Flossie.