A New Zealand entrepreneur has shared her coronavirus story, saying this was "definitely not a top 40 list I intended on being on".

New Zealand now has 39 confirmed cases, and Jenene Crossan has confirmed today she is one of them.

Crossan has been keeping her Twitter followers up-to-date since arriving in New Zealand from the UK earlier this week, tweeting about her symptoms, which included heavy breathing and coughing.

She spoke to her followers in a video posted from her hospital bed on Friday night.


Crossan, founder of online hair and beauty booking website Flossie, said she was having chest X-Rays and "making sure that the bloods and everything are doing what they are supposed to be doing when a virus is trying to have a good old attack at it".

"The purpose of sharing is rumour mills themselves have already gone into action, and I prefer to control my own rhetoric. And also because there is so much panic out there that it's easy for everybody to think of death and despair and it's not going to be entirely that.

"There's going to be some sick people and there's going to be people who get better again."

Jenene Crossan, founder of online hair and beauty booking website Flossie. Photo / File
Jenene Crossan, founder of online hair and beauty booking website Flossie. Photo / File

Crossan flew from Gatwick back to New Zealand on March 13 and said she was concerned by the lack of sanitiser and other protection measures at Gatwick Airport.

Once she boarded the flight, the situation wasn't much better, as she claims was told by airline staff they had just that day been allowed to wear gloves and masks. There was also no hand sanitiser on board, she wrote.

Once in New Zealand, she wrote about the heartbreak of having to head straight to a bach in the bush for self-isolation without even being able to see her family.

"It's a tough call as I haven't seen my husband and kids for two months. But one of them has a compromised immune system, I can't risk it," she wrote.

Crossan, who developed a "nasty" cough in self-isolation, reminded everyone of the importance of self-isolating to keep others safe.


She urged New Zealanders to take coronavirus seriously and "hunker down for a bit".

On March 18, after contacting Healthline, Crossan self-isolated in a campervan, closer to some more support.

That same day, she tweeted about people approaching her in hazmat suits.

Crossan was tested for coronavirus and received a text saying the result was negative. That text turned out to not be for her and her results were still pending on March 18.

In her video diaries shared on Twitter, she introduces everyone to her "support dog". Her heavy cough can be heard throughout.

On March 19, she continued to await her test result. "Got to say, anxiety is high. Hard to focus on much else," she wrote yesterday.


Earlier today, she posted a video shot from a hospital bed, where she recited her own version of the "We need woman, they said" poem.

A few hours later, clearly struggling with breathing issues, she posted her latest video diary, from the hospital, saying she expects to be out by tomorrow (Saturday) and back to quarantine in her campervan.