A Dunedin man's driving spree of destruction left a gate damaged, two sheep dead and another injured, two fruit stall signs damaged, wheelie bins smashed and a caravan rammed into a woodshed.

Jesse Andrew Moore reported himself to police after his ram-raiding on East Rd and the Goldfields Cycle Trail on the night of December 21, the Alexandra District Court was told yesterday.

Moore appeared before Judge Emma Smith on a charge of dangerous driving.

Judge Smith listed the incidents point-by-point and described hitting the sheep as ''putrid behaviour''.


''Who were you trying to impress? You were targeting anything you could hit with your car.''

A first-time offender, the 23-year-old had missed the chance for a restorative justice hearing with his victims, the cost to whom was ''palpable'', Judge Smith said.

She said while he seemed an otherwise good citizen, community work would deter him from this type of ''loutish behaviour'' in future.

He was ordered to complete 100 hours' community work, disqualified for eight months and ordered to pay $605 to his victims.