The Power of Love might be the ultimate power ballad - but not at 4am on a Tuesday, say Onehunga residents woken twice this week to a mobile loudspeaker blasting Celine Dion songs to the neighbourhood.

Near, far, wherever the residents are - it seems they cannot escape the Titanic hitmaker's classic tunes, with households from several different streets reporting being woken to My Heart Will Go On and Power of Love between about 3am and 5am on both Tuesday and Thursday.

It might be all coming back to Aucklanders now, with similar incidents reported last year in Te Atatu, Avondale and Blockhouse Bay.

Onehunga resident Nicole Sharpe said she woke up to a mix of rap and Celine Dion in the early hours on Thursday.


"Don't get me wrong, I like Celine Dion, just not at 2.30 in the morning."

Sharpe said it was a mix of the Canadian pop star and hardcore rap, and even more annoyingly cut after only a few lines to the next track.

"They seem to like The Power of Love, that's the main one."

It had been happening over the past few months randomly, but flared up again this week.

"I don't know where it is coming from. It's just this tinny loudspeaker, sounds like they have just parked up somewhere. It's very annoying, wakes us up each time, I just wish they'd stop."

She shared the experience on a community social media page, and received dozens of responses from fellow annoyed residents.

"Aside from the fact that I'm getting over been woken up, the music is terrible and the system sounds like a tinny piece of rubbish."

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Dozens of people replied, some saying their entire households were woken to The Power of Love and My Heart Will Go On.

"Power of Love - ultimate power ballad. Just not at 4am," said one person.

Others said it was not the first time it had happened.

"There's a guy that has been doing this around the Te Atatu/Henderson area for years.

"Last year it was reported that he'd started in Avondale/Blockhouse Bay. Now he's found Onehunga."

Onehunga resident Clare Laing said it was common to hear people driving around with loudspeakers blasting during the day, but recently it had started happening more often at night.

She's only heard rap music this week, but they played Celine Dion in the past.

"It is pretty annoying. It is loud enough to wake people up, it's as loud as in a club. I think they are just doing it to try and annoy people."

A police spokeswoman said they had not been made aware of any such incidents.

Auckland Council generally deals with noise complaints, she said.

The Herald has approached the council for comment.