Fancy something different - albeit somewhat morbid - in the jewellery department?

A coronavirus-inspired necklace has been posted onto auction website Trade Me and is up for grabs with a starting bid and reserve price of $1.

Listed as the "Coronavirus COVID-19 pendant" by Auckland seller zeitgeistnz, it is said to be made of genuine fine metal Britannia pewter that is non-toxic and was smelted in New Zealand.

A description of the unique piece says it was designed and hand-cast in Auckland.


"It depicts - yep, the dreadful new Covid-19 virus. So on that subject, we wish to acknowledge that this is a serious disease with serious consequences.

"Our hearts go out to those affected. But this piece expresses more than a solemn acknowledgement."

The unique Covid-19 necklace up for auction on Trade Me. Photo / zeitgeistnz
The unique Covid-19 necklace up for auction on Trade Me. Photo / zeitgeistnz

The seller goes on to explain that it was made based on the zeitgeist concept - the 18th to 19th-century German philosophy of the spirit or mood of a particular period of history.

"Zeitgeist means spirit of the times and this Covid-19 necklace reflects exactly that," the seller writes.

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"People are talking about the virus, the news is full of the virus and misinformation is spreading on social media faster than the actual virus can spread.

"This piece is an expression of the omnipresence of this awful virus."

As of 7.30am, the official worldwide death toll shows 2705 people have died from the disease.


A total of 2563 of those deaths were in the Hubei province alone - where the pneumonia-like virus was first found.

The number of confirmed cases stands at 80,350 and the total number of people who have recovered is just over 27,700.

The Covid-19 necklace has not yet attracted any bids, but seven people had added it to their watchlists by 8am.

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