Brown grass and empty water tanks around the country are set to stay that way for the next week as the hot, dry weather continues.

The weekend's fleeting wet spell is a distant memory with the chance of any decent rain unlikely for the next week, according to MetService.

The only exception is the west coast of the South Island such as Fiordland where rain is set to pelt down on Thursday.

MetService forecaster Gerard Bellam said the active front spreading up the South Island this week would peter off as it moves north and reaches the other dry areas.


But for the rest of the country the sun would continue to shine.

"It is much of the same. The weather pattern doesn't really change."

"There might be a few showers here or there, but nothing significant. We need decent spells of rain for these places don't we?"

The isolated showers forecast for Northland and central inland areas later this week would be few and far between.

"When they are isolated most people won't probably see them."

Bellam said while it was good news for people on holiday overseas, it wouldn't be for farmers or people living off water tanks.

Wednesday is forecast to be the hottest day for Auckland and tipped to reach 28C, with Hamilton set down for 30C. Whāngarei, Tauranga and Wellington will reach 29C on Saturday.

The country finally saw some rain on Saturday breaking Auckland's record 47-day dry run.