A heated debate between Kiwis has been sparked on Facebook on the question of who would win a war between the North and South Islands.

The post, shared by Only In New Zealand, has racked up more than 2700 comments in 17 hours, with people all over New Zealand sharing their very divided opinions.

The image was shared with a caption of: "I'm scared of the Invercargill and Gore folk coming out of the caves for this."

North Islanders got very creative with how they would defeat the South.


"The South would get lost amongst the Auckland road cones," Mike Simmonds commented.

"We shall trick the southerners out of the mountains and into the concrete depths of Auckland where they will feel victorious, then we will slowly pick them off as they try to get out to the battle front through the congestion and unfinished projects," Brant Julian commented and received 867 thumbs up reactions from other Facebook users.

Multiple users were not shy to propose that South Auckland would have a good chance of taking the South Island on their own.

"Just South Auckland will smoke that whole island lol," Adre Hohepa joked. "South Island? Pft, South Auckland for an easy win," another added.

The majority of South Islanders who commented on the post believed that they had the strength to win, but would be outnumbered by the North.

"Definitely the South Island. Skinny jeans and lattes ain't going to win a war," Freddy El Duce confidently shared.

"The southern creatures would sas you Northern folk up! You would all be stuck in traffic, you wouldn't even make it 2 the battleground," another South Islander added.

Aside from a friendly debate between the Islands, other users have blasted the Facebook page for an inconsiderate post. One user messaged Only In New Zealand directly, saying the post was stupid as "there's enough going on you're a f**king idiot".