An Auckland tattoo artist says people reporting her posts on Facebook is affecting her business and her livelihood.

Karla Hansen, a tattoo artist based in Albany, Auckland, says someone has been reporting photos she posts on Instagram and Facebook, showcasing her tattoo artwork.

The photos have been deleted by both platforms and she's even been locked out of Facebook, which greatly affected her ability to publicise her business.

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Posted by Raido Tattoo on Tuesday, 4 February 2020

The artist, who is a solo mother, says she's had photos deleted over the past couple of weeks and even had her account suspended for 24 hours by Facebook - all because someone didn't like her photos.


"It's just so ridiculous," Hansen told the Herald.

"Each photo that gets removed it a piece of my work that I want to show and advertise because I want to do more of that type of work."

"I read the terms of service and I didn't break any, but it's not like you can even talk to a human about it, it's all automated," she added.

Earlier this week, Hansen blurred a photo that showed women's breasts, with a tattoo she'd done for a customer. By then, the photo had been removed by Facebook twice.

"It's a beautiful tattoo, and I had a great experience with the lady I was tattooing, I didn't want it to be a bummer," she says.

"We tagged each other and her post got removed, too. This is how I know it's not an algorithm, someone is reporting the photos."

She also made a post asking people to stop reporting her photos.

"Stop reporting my work pics," she wrote. "I'm a single mum and I'm trying to make a living to support me and my kid and you are f*****g with my ability to promote my work! Nothing I've posted violates the terms of service!"


The artist, who specialises in geometric, dotwork, mandalas and floral tattoos, says she never gets any negative feedback and whoever is reporting her images has never got in touch with her to say they have an issue. thanks for being the first to grab one of my current specials!! One thing I love about...

Posted by Raido Tattoo on Sunday, 2 February 2020

Hansen's work as a tattoo artist is her main source of income and not being able to advertise her artwork on social media has a "scary impact" on her finances, especially as she is the sole provider to her 4-year-old daughter.

Her Facebook followers don't see an issue with how she displays her art online and she's received a wave of support since posting about what has been going on.

"So frustrating when people go out if their way to be a complete arse rather than just unfollowing if they are offended. Absolutely no need for it," one person commented.

"I wonder if those scared of boobs drank milk as infants?! Carry on. Your pics are lovely," another person said.