Finance Minister Grant Robertson says this year's Budget will be delivered on May 14.

He made the announcement at the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee this morning.

In a separate statement, Robertson said that this year's Budget would continue the Government's focus on tackling the long-term challenges facing New Zealand.

He also said it would "prepare the economy for the future".


"Those challenges and opportunities cannot be resolved in one budget, so they continue to be the core of the priorities in the 2020 Wellbeing Budget," Robertson said.

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The Government has already announced it Budget priorities, which include transitioning New Zealand's economy into a low-emission economy, as well as reducing child poverty and a focus on Māori and Pacific people.

"The Wellbeing Approach is again being used to formulate this year's Budget with Ministers collectively responsible for delivering on these priorities," he said.

"This process ensures our investments are getting to the people and sectors most in need."

Speaking to media after the select committee hearing, Robertson was not giving a lot away as to what should be expected.

But he did say this year's Budget would be a continuation of the Government taking the approach to future-proof New Zealand.

"To make sure we're addressing the big issues that exist in New Zealand, be they around the just transition, to dealing with climate change, or around issue of child wellbeing.


"There will always be something that we will add on in each budget but having taken on these big issues, we have made good progress but we know we have got more to do."

The date for this year's Budget is earlier than last year's May 30 Budget.

This is this Government's third Budget. Robertson has always described the Government's first three Budget's as a trilogy of rebuilding.