The National Party's appeal that it ran a misleading advertisement around Labour's car tax has been dismissed by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The latest decision by the Advertising Standards Authority appeal board found the Facebook ad to be misleading by implying Labour's car tax would cost the ordinary Kiwi $6000.

The ad which ran on Facebook in July said: "What hope does an ordinary Kiwi have for getting some relief from taxes and costs if the people running the government think $6000 is a small fee?"

The ad was accompanied with a photo of Green Party MP Julie Anne Genter.
The ad was accompanied with a photo of Green Party MP Julie Anne Genter.

It was titled "Labour's car tax" and was accompanied by a photo of Green Party MP Julie Anne Genter with the words "$3000 is a 'small fee'."


But the appeal board stood by the earlier decision that the ad was misleading and agreed it implied a significant fee would be charged to the ordinary.

The board did not believe National's explanation that the $6000 fee was based on the purchase of a Nissan Patrol was clear in the ad and it did not give an explanation of how the fee was calculated.

The board, however, did not agree with the part of the complaint that argued using a photo Julie Anne Genter implied she was a Labour MP. It found it to be appropriate given she is the Associate Transport Minister and is identified as that in the ad.

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