The SPCA is investigating reports of a man brutally killing pukeko chicks by smashing them onto the concrete footpath in front of shocked onlookers in the central Auckland suburb of Mt Albert.

The latest incident happened yesterday, when a woman was horrified to witness the man chasing a pukeko down the road, then killing it by smashing it onto the concrete, before taking off on his bike with the dead animal.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said she was "shaken to her core" by the incident and reported it to both police and the SPCA.

"He was maniac, completely maniac. I was screaming at him and he had no response," the woman told the Herald.


The woman says a man fitting the same description did the same thing in front of her friend, who also lives on the same street, just last week.

"These are not isolated cases," the woman says.

"He is deranged, dangerous and he will do it again," she added. "It could be cats, it could be dogs ... it could be kids."

On both occasions, the man, who the witness believes to be a local from Mt Albert, rode off on his bike with the dead bird.

The SPCA says it has assigned an officer to investigate the incident.

This is now an active investigation and an Inspector has been assigned to follow it up," a spokesperson told the Herald.

"Without an address of the person who allegedly killed the pukeko, it will be difficult to find the person – especially because he was riding his bike around the neighbourhood.

"We would encourage anyone with information about the person responsible to call us and make a welfare complaint."