Two time Grammy-winner, American Lauren Daigle, is one of the biggest names in contemporary Christian music. So it was a pretty big deal when she headlined Mystery Creek's annual "Festival One" on Friday.

It's the first time Daigle has performed in New Zealand, the appearance part of a 32-concert world tour.

"We had finished the Look Up Child world tour, with still so many places to go, so we thought let's do it again," Daigle said.

"There were so many turned away last time, I hate that, it makes my heart sad. Whenever we got the opportunity to do another tour, I thought yeah, let's do it!"


Now in its sixth year, Festival One formed after the cancellation of the Parachute Christian Music festival.

For those who've never been, it's like a regular rock festival but with an intention to keep attendances small, so it can stay family-friendly and accommodate all age groups.

For local performer Tijay, it was her first time on stage after years spent in the audience.

"The honesty of Festival On is always the highlight, people coming from all different places - people like Lauren Daigle are pros in their space - and being able to play with this beautiful range of perspectives, hearts and we're all taking part in that. Heaps of my friends are playing this year, I get to support them!" she said.

This year the festival sold out its 5000 tickets. Festival Organiser Graham Burt says securing an international star like Lauren Daigle will help guarantee the festival's future.

"When you get good talent, you get more good talent. Last time was brilliant, but we're a little odd compared to other festivals. It's a folksy, homely feel and you think - people don't get it," Burt said.

"She fitted in here like a hand in the glove, it was amazing - we'd love to have her again."

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