Police officers first on the scene of a home invasion have described the moments of confusion and urgency as they were confronted and assaulted by masked men trying to escape.

The officers were testifying at the trial of two men accused of being involved in the Mount Maunganui home invasion in the early hours of July 20, 2018.

Chaliedene Taueki and Maninoa Vincent Felise have each pleaded not guilty to a charge of aggravated robbery and a charge of aggravated burglary.

The Crown says the defendants were part of a group of armed and masked intruders who held a couple at gunpoint, demanding drugs and money in a case of mistaken identity.


However, the defence says the two men were not in Tauranga when the event happened.

In the third day of the trial yesterday, the court heard police initially thought they were responding to a possible case of family harm involving a drunk man who forced his way inside.

However, when officers entered they were confronted by three to four masked men. One swung a punch at one of the officers but missed. Another struck them in the head with an object and Tasers were used, the court heard.

Former constable Dean Wooller took the stand, recalling the moment he entered the house.

"I heard some noise ... I went down the hallway. It happened very quickly.

"A dark figure approached me and all hell broke loose," Wooller said.

"The figure took a swing at me. I had pepper spray in my hand. I engaged it and emptied the can on the figure."

Constable Holly Leveridge told the court she was with Wooller when they entered the house and saw two figures emerge, look at them and flee into the garage. She followed.

"After yelling at them 'stop', and they weren't stopping, I turned to exit the garage. At that time another person came towards me and threw something at me. It hit my face."


Leveridge called for urgent backup and grabbed her Taser, she said.

"I yelled 'Taser, Taser' ... I aimed it and pulled the trigger at the person I believe threw something at me," she said.

"I was on the ground at this point. I felt another person coming towards me so I covered my head to protect myself. I didn't know what else was going to happen."

A third officer, former Constable Steven Petersen, fired his Taser from the hallway but the men fled, the court heard.

Leveridge told the court she could feel blood running down the side of her nose. She also suffered a deep cut to her leg, from which she now has a permanent scar, she said.

Leveridge said she joined Wooller in going to their police car to arm themselves with Glock pistols and pursue the intruders, who they heard via police radio had been chased by an off-duty detective who lived nearby.

The two officers found the intruders at Hinau St where they repeatedly attempted to reverse into their car before jumping into a maroon Honda and driving through the Bay Oval and Blake Park sports grounds to escape, she said.

Leveridge and Wooller followed the Honda, which was being driven "desperately" at high speed down Maunganui Rd and beginning to smoke, the court heard.

A statement from Senior Sergeant Glenn Saunders told the court he was still trying to work out exactly what had taken place as he travelled to the incident following the call for back up.

"I stopped my car in Totara St and armed myself with a Glock pistol and read firearm [guidelines] to myself."

Police constable and scene of crime officer Andrew Minkhorst said he found and lifted 33 fingerprints from the dumped alleged getaway vehicles.

Several exhibits were presented to the court including a shotgun, sledgehammer, bandannas and gloves found in the cars or at the scene.

ESR forensic scientist Fiona Matheson explained how each item was tested, including the discovery of a Taser barb attached to one of the jackets.

The trial continues.