A New Zealand dad jumped the counter of a Hungry Jacks fast-food outlet on Australia's Gold Coast and bashed a young female worker because fries were left out of his order.

Jackson Arthur Te Amo walked from the Southport District Court on Thursday after admitting to bashing a 19-year-old female attendant and threatening to "punch her in the head".

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His lawyer told the court the 43-year-old was racially abused and was exhausted after long shifts at a Gold Coast quarry.


Te Amo's whopper meltdown started when he realised fries had not been included in his meal order about 6pm on October 28, 2018. He went back through the shop's Labrador drive through about half-an-hour later and demanded cheeseburgers as compensation. When the young worker declined, he threatened her.

Te Amo then parked his car and entered the shop, the court was told. After further demands for cheeseburgers, he jumped the counter, grabbed the worker and slapped her in the head.

Jackson Te Amo's lawyer said he was tired and frustrated after a long shift working at a quarry. Photo / Gold Coast Bulletin
Jackson Te Amo's lawyer said he was tired and frustrated after a long shift working at a quarry. Photo / Gold Coast Bulletin

Te Amo, who moved to the Gold Coast from New Zealand in 2014, pleaded guilty to common assault and making threats.

The welder walked from court with no jail time after being sentenced to two months prison which was wholly suspended for 12 months.

Crown prosecutor Jessica Guy said the worker refused to give him cheeseburgers in the drive through and Te Amo then said: "How about I come in through that window and punch you in the head?"

After jumping the counter in the restaurant, Te Amo grabbed at the 19-year-old woman's arms three times and hit her arm with his. It was then he slapped her in the face.

"It was unprovoked violence in a public place," Guy said.

"When he didn't get his way, he jumped over the counter and assaulted a young complainant.


"Having a 43-year-old act in the way he did would have been a frightening experience for 19-year-old girl."

Court documents state when police spoke to Te Amo at his Upper Coomera home, he told them the young woman had called him a racial slur.

He told police the way the woman stared at him during the confrontation triggered him off.

The court was told Te Amo had a criminal history in New Zealand dating back to 1996 and included public nuisance, fighting in a public place and common assault for which he had received fines and probation orders.

In sentencing Te Amo, Judge Katherine McGinness said: "If you don't do something about your temper you are looking at periods of time in custody. It was inexcusable."

Defence lawyer Joe Wicking, of Howden Saggers Lawyers, said Te Amo was going through a difficult period at the time and had been working 12 to 14-hour shifts at a quarry. "He accepts that on this occasion his behaviour was inappropriate," he said.

Wicking said Te Amo, a father of three, lost his job after the incident.

The court was told Te Amo had sporadic work until finding a permanent job about four months ago.

Wicking said Te Amo's wife had returned to New Zealand with their 10-year-old son to care for his sick mother.

Te Amo did not comment outside court.