A clever feline has been revealed as the ultimate cat burglar - sneaking into a neighbour's home and stealing containers of fish food on a regular basis.

The Spooner family in Auckland were puzzled by the regular disappearance of containers of fish food from their kitchen bench and set about finding the thief.

The problem started when the family of four were away on holiday and a friend stepped in to feed their 20 or so tropical fish.

"Our friend was confused because she would leave the container of fish flakes on the bench at night and in the morning it would be gone," North Shore man Mark Spooner said.


"She found more fish food in the cupboard but the same thing happened again - we had no idea what was going on."

When the Spooner family returned from holiday they were woken in the night noise from the kitchen.

"We actually thought there was someone in the house and looked around everywhere - then we went into the kitchen and the fish food was gone."

The family suspected an animal but said the cat door was locked and no cat was found in the house.

At more than $10 a pop for the disappearing fish food, the family turned pet detectives to find the thief.

"We set up the Ring security system from our front door and used blue-tac to secure containers of fish-food to the bench," Spooner said.

And the thief took the bait.

"We heard another noise early hours of the morning and went and checked the footage and there it was - a video of this lovely looking white fluffy cat on the bench."


The family searched the house expecting to find the cat but it had escaped.

"It's a clever cat because the only way out was through the cat door that is locked and has a magnet.

"It's figured out how to pull it open and somehow take the food with it."

The Spooners have taken to Facebook in the hope someone recognises the fluffy feline.

"So far we have a few suspects lined up but no clear lead," Spooner said.

"Someone must be at home wondering where all these containers of fish food have come from."