A Kiwi who petitioned to rename New Zealand Fisheries Officers to the "Pāua Rangers" has had his idea rejected by Parliament.

In a screenshot of an email from the office of the House of Representatives, the Office of the Clerk responded to the request, denying the chance for the petition to be hosted on the Parliamentary website.

In the email response to the petitioner, it claims the speaker rejected the Pāua Rangers name change because it was a "frivolous request".

The email was posted to Reddit, with the petitioner welcoming feedback.


"Dear [removed name], Your petition Petition to rename the Fisheries officers to the Pāua Rangers, submitted on 19/12/2019, has been rejected and withdrawn," it said in the email.

"Rejection reason: The Speaker has ruled that this is a frivolous request and therefore will not be hosted on the Parliament website. Thank you, The Office of the Clerk."

Despite the idea being turned down, the petitioner has vowed to keep fighting.

"I will see if I can resubmit my petition with the gurnard guards .... will update," the person posted to Reddit.

The man behind the petition, who wish to not be named, told the Herald he works in the mental health system and thought he'd try to brighten Kiwis' lives with a quirky request.

"I work in Mental health and addictions, as a wellness advocate so I'm always trying to brighten peoples days.

"Depression sucks, so the idea of MAF officers in superhero outfits on the beach stopping poachers gave me the giggles, so I wanted to share it.

"I've looked at other petitions on the parliament website so I knew that it wouldn't be that hard to create a new one. I didn't want to get in trouble with Jacinda, but thought renaming fisheries officers to Paua Rangers was worth it.


"I wasn't sure what would come of it. Some people have funny political views, and we live in a democracy so I thought id have as much right at the flat-earthers and the ban1080 crowd to start something."

Other Kiwis have since come in to bat for the petitioner, saying it is a genius idea as well as taking aim at The Speaker, Trevor Mallard.

"Huh, frivolous request my a***, The Speaker only rejected those because he didn't think of it himself," one person wrote.

Another said: "Sounds like our democracy is flawed to me."

A third added: "Get f******, Trevor. This would be the single best achievement ever."

While Pāua Rangers isn't likely to get the green light any time soon, it hasn't stopped fellow Kiwis from coming up with other potential ideas, including Kina Knights, Snapper Sheriffs, White-Bait Warriors and Gurnard Guards.