Local performer Ria Hall has spent her Christmas day in Tauranga Hospital after her son was "misdiagnosed" twice before finding he had a broken femur.

The 37-year-old Tauranga woman posted on her Instagram saying that she had to "endure watching my beautiful son go through more pain than an almost 9 month old should on Christmas Eve/Day".

She said her son had been "misdiagnosed" twice before taking him into hospital for x-rays to find out he had a broken left femur. However, details around this were not clear.

Her boy's legs were "hanging from stirrups" and would be for two more days, she wrote.


"He is the bravest boy I've ever met, so much stronger than his māmā, who turns into a puddle at the drop of a hat."

The young boy will get a cast on Friday for four to six weeks.

"Thank you, Tauranga Hospital, for your care and attention. Thank you for the gifts he has received (x2!!) and for the kindness you've afforded us. My whānau will be bombarding this place tomorrow, I hope ya'll are prepared hehe."

Ria Hall is a New Zealand recording artist and a presenter on Maori TV's AIA Marae DIY.