If you go down to the park today, you're in for a big surprise.

Or a lot of little ones, and their droppings.

Footage has emerged of video showing up to 20 rodents darting in and out of a plant in Jellicoe Park in Onehunga.

Stephen Lasham, the local who filmed the rats, says the plant - a bird of paradise and not a native - sits by the War Memorial Arch on Quadrant Rd.


They are reportedly leaving excrement in the picnic area and he wants theme dealt with.

But despite contacting the council - nothing has been done.

"Council have said they cannot bait them until after Christmas, presumably due to staff being on holiday," Lasham said.

"The Bird of Paradise needs to be removed.

"The rats use the park drains to get around and these presumably can get them from the park to the Manukau Harbour, as they are rain drains."

Lasham said the creatures were most active after 7pm, but they do venture out during the day.

"They climb the stone arch and run around the ground where people sometimes picnic, so their droppings are on the ground where people eat," he said.

"I cannot understand why the council are not treating the issue as urgent."


Auckland Council are looking into the matter.