Kiwi Hamish Hurley's fight for a share of the assets of his former lover, wealthy American divorcee Mandy Gray, has hit yet another roadblock.

Gray, who won a NZ$182 million payout from her ex-husband, is still fighting Hurley over property and assets, after their relationship ended in January.

The Kiwi physical therapist and the American divorcee had a lavish relationship that saw them sailing the world and living a luxurious life but it all came to a crashing halt in January, when Hurley was unceremoniously dumped by Gray on January 28.

The couple were holidaying in Malta and the split reportedly happened over money woes.


Hurley, 46, has spent the last few months battling for a share of $39 million of assets acquired during their six-year relationship.

He's been accused of being a "gold digger" and is being sued in London, where Gray lives, over the ownership of property including a collection of supercars and a New Zealand farm.

Gray is now fighting to stop Hurley being able to sue her in New Zealand, the Daily Mail reports.

The divorcee won a preliminary argument in June, when the judge ruled their fight should be in the UK. However, Hurley might still be able to seek legal action in New Zealand.

The two are fighting over properties including an Italian villa worth more than $16 million and a farm in New Zealand worth more than $24 million, as well as four sports cars and millions of dollars worth of business investments.

After winning the June bid to keep the case in the UK, Gray lost a July argument when she could not persuade the judge to ban Hurley from taking action against her in New Zealand.

She has since asked Court of Appeal judges in London to consider the case.

Three appeal judges have concluded that judges at the Court of Justice of the European Union should make decisions on some legal issues in the case.


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The appeal judges indicated that they would reconsider Gray's case once the EU judges had made rulings.

The decision to refer the case to the EU Court of Justice happened last week.

Gray received about $182 million from her divorce settled from American investment manager Randy Work.

The same year she separated from Work, she began a relationship with the New Zealander, who she reportedly met at the KX Gym in Chelsea, where he worked as a "physical therapist".