Seventh-day Adventist School in Rotorua is the smallest in the district, with just 45 students on its roll. But irrespective of its size, the school has a big heart.

The school hopes to show all their pupils, that despite coming from a smaller school - what they say and do is just as important.

"It's the power of one, only one person can make a change and difference," said Lanea Strickland, principal of SDA.

"We have an analogy - it only takes an axe to cut down a tree, so it only takes one person to make a difference."


With the end of the school year fast approaching, the focus is still firmly on learning. The importance of "community" has been the topic, and each day has involved a different activity, like taking part in craft activities with St Chads - a charitable trust that relies on the support of the community.

"St Chads helps people with disabilities," St Chads volunteer, Donna Ross said. "And one of the hardest things to do is interact with the community on a safe basis, to do everyday things with everyday people and to become mainstream."

Combining some activities between SDA school and St Chads helps students from both schools.

"In teaming up with St Chads, we had seen their artwork in town with their gallery and wanted to reach out, network and connect," Strickland said. "Now we want to continue this relationship."

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