An autistic man has been left "traumatised" and badly bruised after he was allegedly bashed by two people in Green Bay on Monday.

Bradlee Mackay was outside the New World supermarket on Godley Rd around 1.30pm when he was attacked by a man and a woman.

Following the alleged assault, the 23-year-old was left with extensive bruising under his right eye and discolouration on his face.

Mackay's sister, Karlee Brokenshire, said the attack has left him too frightened to go to the shops alone and is struggling to talk about the incident.


"His face is covered with bruises ... My brother is extremely traumatised and upset, he has only in the past few years been confident enough to go into a shop alone, so this will be a huge set back for him.

"He will not speak ... he sent me a message saying he was very hurt and his face was very sore from the people who hurt him."

Brokenshire told the Herald her brother also suffers from other serious health issues and was lucky to escape potentially life-changing damage from the attack.

Bradlee with his sister Karlee. Photo / Supplied
Bradlee with his sister Karlee. Photo / Supplied

"He has Lennox-Gastaut syndrome too. It means if he has any type of head injury it can trigger intense seizures, so we're very lucky he didn't have a seizure when he was hit."

In a statement, police said they were aware of the incident and will be following up with the victim and his family today.

"Police were notified last night of an incident that had taken place earlier that day, where a man was reportedly assaulted at around 1.30pm yesterday on Godley Rd, Green Bay.

"Police are making follow-up enquiries into this matter and will be speaking with the victim/family today."

While the family are hopeful the two alleged attackers will be caught, Brokenshire says the incident is damaging to families with disabled children.

The attack happened on Godley Rd, Green Bay. Photo / Google Maps
The attack happened on Godley Rd, Green Bay. Photo / Google Maps

"The attack is a setback for disabled people.

"It is really sad for my brother, us as a family and disabled people in general that they cannot feel and be safe in our local neighbourhood. Any help identifying the people who have assaulted my disabled brother would be much appreciated."

Mackay is at home recovering from the incident.

The Green Bay community has rallied behind Mackay and his family with messages of love and support for the 23-year-old.

Hundreds of locals have taken to social media to tell Mackay they will welcome him with open arms when he's confident enough to venture back into the town centre.

"Oh no! Not Brad. My family all give him our old car registrations. How could anyone hurt such a lovely young man. He is always so nice and polite. Hope karma gets them," one person wrote.

Another said: "I cried reading this. I am so so sorry this has happened to your brother. He didn't deserve this at all. I hope he one day recovers from this and is able to step back into the community without any fear."

"Oh gosh. I know Bradlee," a third added. "He comes to where I work. I am so sorry this has happened. Please let us know if you need anything at all."

Mackay's sister is calling on anyone with information to come forward to police or contact the family.