The Cancer Society is pleading with the person who stole one of their fundraising boxes to have a change of heart and return it.

Police are investigating after the charity box was stolen from the Westshore Corner Store in Napier.

A police spokesperson confirmed they were received a report of a charity box being taken from a dairy about 5.30pm on Monday.

Police were exploring the CCTV footage, which has already been posted on a local Facebook page, and shows a man running from the dairy.


Area manager for the Cancer Society Jean Thomas said as an NGO and not-for profit organisation, it received all its money through fundraising efforts and donations.

"Having those boxes out, and that absolute generosity of a community to be there on the spur of the moment, and think, look I've got some change, or I'd like to make a donation.

"When we get that back it's just so hugely humbling to us, the generosity of the community in the area is absolutely incredible."

She said if the person who took it had a change of heart, they would welcome the opportunity to have it returned.

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"Even if we received an anonymous phone call or something like that.

"Sometimes we do make mistakes on the spur of the moment and if this person does have a generous spirit, then to return it would just be amazing."

She said the funds were crucial to be able to provide the service they do to cancer patients and their family.


She said taking one of the charity boxes was stealing from people who are already under a huge amount of stress.

The dairy owners declined to speak to Hawke's Bay Today.

It's another incident for the well-loved dairy, which has been robbed several times recently, to deal with.

On December 31, 2018, four teenagers, aged 14, 15 and 17 at the time, stole cash and cigarettes from the dairy, armed with a hammer.

It was the second time the dairy had been robbed in the four months the owners had been running it.

In August this year, the oldest teen, Tangaroa Moana, was sentenced to 11 months home detention and a further six months of post-sentence conditions, with a stern warning from Judge Geoff Rea to not "blow it."