Over the last decade, insurers paid out more than $1b in storm damage - a bill only expected to mount in the face of climate change. Jamie Morton looks at the 10 costliest weather events

$91.46m: Debbie puts Edgecumbe underwater


$74.5m: Winds that moved a 20,000-tonne ship


$74.4m: Tornado hits Auckland

$61.7m: The 'Tasman Tempest' strikes

$55.32m: Ita's Easter visit

$49.3m: Southland's one-in-50-year deep freeze

$46.2m: Tasman's big downpour

$45.9m: Fehi lashes the West Coast

$41.5m: Whanganui's worst flood

$39.3m: Gusts in the capital, snow in the south

Billion-dollar decade

Decade's weather extremes